About Break Of Day

About Break Of Day

“Break of Day”

a song by bob shoemaker

The real “Break Of Day” is one of the most beautiful place on this world of ours.

It is situated on the N/E Coast of Tasmania, Australia.

It is at the Southern end of “The Bay Of Fires”.

The nearest Town is St. Helens, which sits at the Western end of Georges Bay.

It is known as the game fishing capital of Tasmania and is also known to produce and provide oysters that are renowned throughout the world.

It is located on the Tasman Highway, about 265 km North East Tasmania’s Capital city, Hobart and about 160 km East of Tasmania’s second largest city, Launceston.

The first European to explore the St Helens area was Captain Tobias Furneaux who sailed up the coast in 1773. He named the southern point of Georges Bay, St Helens Point.

Being on the East Coast, St Helens winter temperatures are warmer than most other parts of Tasmania

St Helens has a mild temperate climate, with four distinct seasons.

Summers are warm and sunny and winters are cool to mild.

Rainfall throughout the year is very consistent, with an average of 54.2mm in February and 76.2mm in June.




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