Cairo, Egypt.

Egyptian Music.

Here we are in a country and place I never thought I would see.

The Sphinx and the Pyramids are there right in front of me. What a place to come to for your Birthday.

To be here with Wendy, too. It feels like its a new beginning. If the rest of our lives feel like this, I’m looking forward to the next 100 years or so.

The travel bug is addictive, and I think there is only one cure. That’s to do so much travel, that you get sick of it.

I’m going to try very hard to get it out of my system. I bet it’s harder than stopping smoking.  Gee, I don’t think I will ever kick this habit.


Well, here we are in Cairo. Egypt.
We’ve made here, and in 1 piece
Yes, we survived the long flight, made even longer by our stop in Singapore and a short 2 hour rest in Dubai.

The airport here in Dubai, is amazing, and we will definitely stop here for a night on our return home.

If the city of Dubai, is anything like it’s airport, it should be a marvelous place.
There is a lot of money here, but none of it’s mine.

We saw absolutely nothing out of the window between Indonesia and Dubai, except dust pollution.

We re boarded our plane and set off for Cairo.Flying over Saudi Arabia and the Sinai, was not at all like I had expected. The land is just a mass over dry river beds and canyons.

I’m not sure how often it rains here, but it certainly must pour down when it does.
Reminds me of the song where it says “It never rains in California, It only pours and pours”, or words to that effect
I can also understand now, why it took Moses took so long to cross the Sinai.

On our arrival at the Cairo Airport, passed through customs, and looked to see if anyone was holding up a card with our name on it, but no?

Some extremely nice fellow asked us if we were to be picked up, and even offered to phone our Hotel for us.
He endeavored to phone the “Wake Up Cairo” Hotel for us and he said that he was most disappointed that we had been given the wrong number.
However he could help us find a taxi and another Hotel.
We thanked him so much for his help but said we would be okay.
Not to be deterred he called a taxi driver over to take us to our Hotel, and even got us a cheap trip. It only cost 20 pounds more than it should have.
Lesson 1 Beware of Greeks bearing gifts especially so in Egypt.

Our first view of Cairo from our taxi. It’s evening and it’s what we are soon to learn, is a typically hazy day.

Like any day in the middle east, or should I say everyday.

We arrived at our Hotel, walked inside the building entrance, then apprehensively stepped over the rubbish and found our way to, the lift.
Eventually get the door open, get our bags in and wonder
“What the hell, are we doing here”. This can’t be our Hotel, it can’t be any Hotel, surely?
At then reception we are given our key, we enter our room.

The Lounge, And yes, the decor left a lot to be desired. Our room was orange, red and yellow.

Yes, thats right and I hope it has been redecorated since we were there.

Wendy sits down on the bed, and bursts into tears
“I’m not staying in this place it’s the pits, I want to leave Egypt tomorrow”



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